First I would like to thank all our loyal Earls fans. 
Your support and love for our music have made you part of our family.
As per Larry Chance's wish The Earls will continue the journey he started so long ago.
We'd like you to take this journey with us.
Thank you again.   Looking forward to seeing all of you in the near future.
Bobby T Tribuzio 

To Our Loyal Fans

Who would have ever thought that a bunch of kids from the streets of the Bronx, who loved to sing for the joy and love  of  it, our lives would have  turned out the way they did. We have had the honor of traveling all over the world and entertaining audiences like yourself.  For all of you who knew or did not know our music, we hope we have brought you into the Earl's family.  For the most part, all of the fans we met along our journey have turned out to be true friends.  Most of all, you, our fans gave us the opportunity to allow us to do a job that we view not as a job but as a true labor of love.  With heart felt thanks, we thank you for buying our records, coming to our shows and for all of the wonderful mail and accolades we have received from you over the years. 

Thank you for all of your love and  your support.
Larry Chance and the Earls